Friday, May 21, 2010

Steam Dreams

Do you ever have vivid, fragmented dreams? I do. In this one I was on a platform at the Citadel Station in Carlisle.

Why was I there in my dreams?

I was certainly dreaming about these post war times...

...when the country was driven by this stuff.

I seemed to be sharing the same dreams as these guys.

Food features a lot in my dreams!

First class elegance.

Even second class looked good.

Carlisle cathedral was founded in 1122.

This diesel locomotive intruded into my dream...

... as it pulled this steam locomotive backwards round the Upperby loop.

I'm pretty sure my dream was stimulated by seeing this loco in action recently, see here.

LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 no 60019 Bittern

Trainspotting is such a healthy environmentally friendly hobby!

This is where the phrase 'letting off steam' comes from.

And Bittern heads off south on the Carlisle - Settle line, pulling the Steam Dreams Cathedrals Express excursion.

As Bittern pulled out of the station I woke up and caught the 18.11 First TransPennine Express back to Lockerbie. As I sat down in my seat, the announcement on the train was that it was heading for Edinburgh and Windermere. Windermere? I thought for a moment I was dreaming again. Maybe I was!

Wide awake again
Or am I dreamin'?
Trains passing by
Worlds spinning
'round my head

Court Yard Hounds 2010 Skyline

Photos © Skip Cottage

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