Monday, May 17, 2010

Warm in the garden

I think today was the first day this year that I've actually felt comfortable when working in the garden!

So what have I been doing since the daffodil days? There's been three main objectives. The first has been to keep on top of the perennial weeds. The second has been to sort out the problems that the severe winter caused. I lost a number of things. The third has been to move those perennials that are growing in the wrong place. When I took over the garden, it was great to receive lots of divisions and donations from friends. These went in anywhere and everywhere. Some have prospered in the conditions at Skip, some haven't. Lot's of things are in the wrong place. Time for action!

I planted some tulips last year, and these have been a success.

Here's one raised bed which faces south and tends to be dry. I've moved some things from here, and planted others. We'll see later in the summer how it has worked out. That's a geranium in the foreground, from a small division from a friend several years ago. Just one of many geraniums in the garden - they do seem to do well, standing up not just to the climate, but resisting attention of rabbits, mice and other wildlife!

One of the things I lost was a large hebe. However, these middle beds, dominated by heathers and conifers, are needing some attention after seven years, so that's an ongoing project for the next couple of months. A new white rhododendron has gone in, and some Calluna Vulgaris.

I've also replanted my three troughs. The big one here was originally a white kitchen sink, transformed with a WI hypertufa recipe!

Here's another trough that used to be a kitchen sink. It looks the part after some six years. Completely replanted last week. The new Lewisia is flowering away brightly.

This is just a polystyrene fish box.

Another progress update soon.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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