Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Year in Wensleydale

The Herriot Gallery is on the main street of Hawes in Wensleydale, in the Yorkshire Dales. And that's where I was today. I was there to see the first solo art exhibition by a good friend, Brian Alderman. If you are a Scottish curler who is eligible to play in the seniors, you will no doubt remember Brian. Apart from being a fine player, he was the curling commentator with STV in the 1980s, and even spent a couple of years as the RCCC Secretary!

A couple of years ago he retired from his work as a primary schoolteacher, and moved to Burtersett (a village near Hawes) where he has set up a small studio in which to paint. It is his efforts over the past year which are being shown at the Herriot Gallery, in an exhibition entitled A Year in Wensleydale. Follow this link to learn more, and to see some of the twenty-six paintings which are on show. The exhibition runs until May 17.

Here's Brian with gallery proprietor, and fellow artist Andrea Cooper.

Winter in Burtersett is beautifully captured - even to my untrained eye - in this pair of paintings.

Today was well worth the effort in making the trip south. Every good wish to Brian, the artist.

Just a final plug for the Herriot Gallery itself - it is a splendid place to eat too!

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