Monday, June 21, 2010

Trucks, big trucks

It was the 14th Dumfries Truck and Bus Show yesterday, organised by the Dumfries Transport Preservation Group. This is Frankie Boy's big Mack.

The worrying thing for me is that I remember quite clearly when some of these were common sights on our roads.

Taking a tractor for a ride!

It was a beautiful day for the show.

I'm not really a truck enthusiast, but what a great display!

Modern vehicles were also on view.

Lochmaben Transport's timber lorry, on the right, was beautifully presented. I think even the logs had been washed and polished for the show!

There was only one thing missing from yesterday's show - Kendel Carson. If you don't know what I'm talking about, have a listen!

A country music classic! Watch in a larger size, here.

Talking of classics, my main reasoning for visiting was to see the classic cars. There was a small display. Nice!

I got really excited to see these three old Rover P4s.

It brought back memories to be so close to this Rover 60. You see, I owned one like it. Real class. It was my second car when I was a student at University. It was probably best described then as an 'old banger' (it was some twelve years old in 1968), but I loved the leather, the freewheel, and the reserve fuel tank. It had a two litre engine. Sadly someone ran into the back of it when it was parked outside my house, and wrote it off. There is lots of information on all the Rover P4 models here.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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