Thursday, August 05, 2010

Clandestine meetings with Pamela

Trainspotters in the 1950s and 1960s would not have been without their Ian Allan ABC guide. There were a number of these booklets, covering different regions. I managed to find this one recently, and it brought back the memories!

The inside comprised mostly just lists of numbers. There were various ways to indicate that you had seen one of the locomotives listed. You could place a tick or a cross beside the number. You could score it out, or you could underline it, as above. I was an underliner, just as the previous owner of this guide! What were you? Suffice to say, this was in the days before highlighter pens!

The London Midland and Scottish Railway's 8F class 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotive was designed for hauling heavy freight, just as it says on the tin. Some 852 were built between 1935 and 1946. 48151 is in preservation and was at Carlisle yesterday. And here's a photo of the locomotive at work in the 1960s!

48151 is one of a group of locomotives pulling ‘THE FELLSMAN’ steam excursions every Wednesday this summer, from Lancaster over the Settle - Carlisle line into Carlisle's Citadel station. And very popular these excursions have proved to be!

The locomotive was carrying this nameplate yesterday. The Gauge 0 Guild is here!

Here is six minutes of video I took yesterday. It starts with a variation of the usual shot of the train pulling out of the station! And watch out for Pamela, who we met previously here! Somewhat blurry I'm afraid - I need more practice at all this.

Click here, or on the image below, to watch.

Other pics © Skip Cottage

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