Thursday, September 02, 2010

Into Autumn

This time of year, as my thoughts turn more and more towards the curling season, the garden usually gets completely away from me. Especially so this year!

However, it is still possible to point the camera in directions which avoid the weeds, and there is still a fair bit of colour.

New additions to the garden this year have been some old fashioned pinks. My uncle was a keen gardener and carnations were among his favourites in his garden in Dumbarton. I had forgotten just how fragrant this family is. You'll need to take my word!

Yellow is still my favourite garden colour. I was given this yellow daisy-type perennial, which I have assumed is a Rudbeckia, but I may be wrong. One thing I'm not good at is labelling my garden plants. That should probably be my New Year resolution!

Inula magnifica does live up to its name!

Poisonous it may be, but this Aconitum is certainly happy in the corner where I planted it four years ago.

The wildlife pond even had a touch of colour recently!

The achievement last month was getting the outside of the house painted - one wall at a time, dodging the wet and windy days. Every year I think I should have something growing up this west facing wall, although this corner does catch the wind. Any suggestions?

Photos © Skip Cottage

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