Monday, December 20, 2010

Burst pipes and wee curling stones

This Days Inn hotel at the Johnstonebridge Services on the M74 is just a couple of miles or so from Skip, and it was my home for a week. I arrived home from Champery to find the cottage with no electricity and no heating... and burst pipes in consequence.

I cannot speak highly enough of the kindness of the staff at the hotel - helpful in the extreme, and with lots of sympathy. Full marks all round.

Actually, this view of Annandale is from my room at the hotel, not that I was in much mood to appreciate it! With the heating back on, the drying out started, and the loss assessor's visit duly made, I moved back into Skip today to begin the clear up. Fortunately the bedroom was untouched!

Just one pic to show what greeted me in the sitting room. You just have to imagine the inch of water on the floor, and the bookcase of wet books! The paintings are originals from my time in Southeast Asia, and the oils at least are OK.

Still, emptying the display cabinets of my wee curling stone collection today was interesting - one tends to forget just how many I've collected over the years. That's them packed away - I suspect it might be a while before they are on display again.

The floor comes up tomorrow, and the paper comes off the walls. Then the clear up begins in the office.

Who said life was simple!

Pics © Skip Cottage

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  1. Commiserations. Just what you don't need the week before Christmas :-(