Monday, February 28, 2011

First yellow

What a lovely day today, the last of February. Blue sky, no wind, definite warmth! I'm under no illusions that winter will be with us for a while yet, but it was good to spend time in the garden again, anticipating the year ahead.

Mind you, looking out over the beds, there just seems so much to do! I know from experience that keeping on top of the weeding, especially getting these perennial weeds away early, is important. I expect that the grand plans will be put in order - and maybe abandoned altogether - once the spring clear up really begins. My efforts at growing some vegetables last year was not too successful. Should I try again?

Much of today's work was getting wood cut up and in store for next winter. Inside there was time to get some seeds planted and some plug plants potted on. It will be a couple of months yet before these go outside into containers.

The snowdrops are at their best.

These are near the pond. No sign of any frogspawn this year.

It was a lovely surprise to find this little clump of crocus tucked behind two old curling stones. Yellow is my favourite colour. So it's good to see that the daffodils are pushing up around the garden.

Note to self. Plant more yellow crocus elsewhere in the garden in the autumn!

Pics © Skip Cottage


  1. There's nothing like going away for a couple of weeks to notice a change. Two weeks ago when I went to work there was only a few snowdrops - now I notice crocuses everywhere. I look forward to seeing some daffs here shortly.

  2. Frog spawn hits Haddington !

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