Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walls Down at Skip

The spring garden clearup is well under way now at Skip. The severe winter has taken its toll in a number of places. The garden is on a number of levels, and I have several dry stone retaining walls. My first efforts at building these eight years ago were not all that successful. Attendance at a local dry stane dyking course in Ae Forest got me pointed in the right direction. I'm a long way from being an expert, but I do enjoy building and repairing the walls around the cottage. However, my days of lugging heavy stones around the garden are probably over!

I think the problem that occurs with the retaining walls is that water accumulates behind the facing stones, freezes and expands, pushing them out.

Since all the stone was already there, it was not a difficult job to rebuild this small run of wall.

But this collapse may take longer to make right.

On other things, I'm pleased to say that the frogs eventually found the pond. Wood is all cut and stacked for next winter. And the daffodils are coming. But only one or two clumps are beginning to flower. Things are definitely late again this year, as indeed they were last year. Two years ago, this is what the garden looked like.

Incidentally, the blog is two years old today. Happy Birthday to Skip Cottage!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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