Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bed Improvements

I don't have many tulips in the garden. These started life in a container last year, and dug into this spot when they had finished flowering. They obviously like it here!

You can see where they are in this pic of the lowermost level in the garden. Note the bed behind the patch of tulips.

This bed has a retaining sandstone wall, and is the sunniest, and driest in the garden. Over the years I've struggled to get this bed to my satisfaction. Even if the perennials I planted survived the rabbits, then it was often the case of the wrong plants for the conditions. The geraniums like it, and some day lilies are well established. Alchemilla mollis too, although it seems to grow everywhere! A trip to the garden centre was in order last week, and the gaps are now filled in. I wonder how things will develop this summer.

The daffodils are beginning to go over, but yellow is still the predominant colour. I just love how the garden changes with the seasons. There's a pic of the same spot in early February here!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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