Monday, April 25, 2011

Is it too early..... ?

My geans are in flower, although the display is all too brief.

More tulips!

The rhododendrons are beginning to flower. This was the first one I planted some five years ago: Elizabeth.

This went in last year: Cunningham's White.

The wall is now repaired and a new path laid.

On a visit to a garden centre last week, I saw pots of this little white vinca on sale for £7 each. It grows at Skip like a weed. It is one of the plants which came originally from Meikle Burntshields where I used to live, having been 'boarded out' with friends when I was abroad.

Lots of activity, pricking out and potting on!

I have lots of space, so I have a variety of things I've divided, or needing to be potted on.

I usually buy some plug plants or small plants early in the season, so that it's not too expensive to fill containers. These have been growing on, and I've been hardening them off. Some are ready to go into the containers.

Is it too early? There's still a risk of frost.

But I couldn't resist getting this one done. The fleece is on hand though, and the weather forecast is studied each day!

The recent spell of good weather has made it a real pleasure to be out in the garden. Things are growing so quickly. Especially the weeds - but that's another story.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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