Monday, June 13, 2011

Between the June showers

In between the showers last week, I managed to get a few photos of the garden in the first week in June. It certainly does not feel like summer here. There's been lots of rain and very cool nights.

The garden though is very green. This is looking down to the bottom level.

Here's a shot looking back up the garden, with the pond in the foreground.

Here's more of the pond, looking towards one of the little acers, which was one of the first trees I planted in the garden.

This Rogersia gets the prize for the most rapid growth. It was so late in coming through that I did wonder if I had lost in in the cold of last winter. But this was not the case!

The yellow day lillies in the background started life as a packet of seeds some years ago!

There seemed to be lots of space in this raised bed when I commented on it back in April (here but you'll probably not recognise which photo it is!) when I planted some new perennials. These will take a while to get established, but the Alchemilla mollis at the front likes this situation.

These poppies too started as a packet of seeds, and have spread well!

I should probably add that the blackbirds have fledged, and the parents do not seem to have started again this year, at least not in the same nest.

And that the garden came through the big storms with no damage.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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