Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the Annandale Way

What with all the work on the house, and garden, this summer, I've had little time to get out walking. Yesterday was beautiful though, and with no steam trains near at hand to go and photograph, I took the opportunity for a wee walk.

I've talked about the Annandale Way before, see here, and here and here. Yesterday I explored a short stretch south of St Ann's.

The Way here traverses pleasant farmland.......

.... and is not much travelled. Just head across the field towards the gate in the distance. It defeated my photographic skill, but - even though it was early afternoon - I was surrounded by lots of young housemartins flying all round my head as I walked across the field. Quite magic.

I first encountered the sticky seedheads of burrdock in the 1950s, on walks with my uncle and dog (Gyp) on the outskirts of Dumbarton. I've discovered today on the internet that it was around that time that Swiss engineer George de Mestral was inspired by the burrs sticking to his clothes, and even his own hunting dog, to 'invent' fabric loop and hook fasteners, aka Velcro. And you can read all you need to know about this here!

The Web is a wonderful thing, unbelievable to think it is barely twenty years old.

Lots of old oaks and beech trees in Annandale, looking resplendent at this time of year.

Many trees in the area suffered in last month's storms. This old beech has lost a limb, but is fighting on. I almost wanted to give it a hug!

The local inhabitants were curious to see who was invading their privacy yesterday!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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