Sunday, September 04, 2011

Big Trucks

Study the photo above, and work out where I am! I suspect you are really something of a petrol head if you know the answer!

I'm in Leyland, Lancashire, as you will know if you recognised the photos as the covers of the old Leyland calendars. Incidentally, very little is known about the artist who painted these, William Lambert, or even who all the Leyland Lady models were. It is said that the models were all local lasses. The staff at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum would like your help if you know anything.

My father did an apprenticeship at Albion Motors of Scotstoun in the 1920s. That's maybe why I have an affinity for trucks, the bigger the better. (It also gives me an excuse again to share this Kendel Carson link, here, or indeed a live performance here.)

The BCVM is well worth a visit...

.... with lots to see, and a very friendly welcome.

I certainly did not expect to find an Edinburgh horse-drawn tram!

I was rather taken with the examples of steam-driven trucks, as above...

... and here. Steam, yes!

Better than any advertising hoarding, this Bedford Green Goddess was on show at the entrance to the museum.

Pics © Skip Cottage

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