Thursday, September 08, 2011

Excitement in Wamphray

It has to be the most exciting thing to happen in Wamphray Parish since the great flood of 2005! Stage 1 of the Tour of Britain cycle race, from Peebles to Dumfries, will take the old Carlisle road out of Moffat and come down the main street of Newton Wamphray village. Not quite past my front door, but close enough. The advance warning signs have been up for some weeks.

The sixteen teams of cyclists will cross the Annan at the Jocksthorn Bridge and come up this little hill past the Manse Hotel and the Red House B&B, to take the back road over to St Ann's Bridge on the road to Dumfries. On Sunday, I don't expect the hill to be lined with huge numbers of drunken cycling 'fans' in fancy dress, doing their best to get themselves on camera and getting in the way of the riders, as we see so often in coverage of the Tour de France on the big climbs. Muppets.

Now, where is my Elvis outfit?!

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