Monday, December 05, 2011

Rallying Past Skip Cottage

Not a lot happens, usually, on a Sunday morning at Skip. Yesterday morning was a bit different. The little back road that passes the cottage echoed to the sound of historic rally cars as the Roger Albert Clark Rally visited Wamphray on the way between the special forest stages.

I have to say that I watched most of the cars passing from the kitchen window, but I did venture outside to capture the occasion.

It got a bit dark as a shower moved in. Perhaps I can say that the visitors were not seeing the Parish at its best. Great to see classics out in rally mode! The list of entries is here.

This is Peter Smith of Driffield in his Escort Mark 1 coming up through the beech trees from Newton Wamphray village.

Actually, this road is the line of a Roman Road which came north from Carlisle. I wonder what the legionnaires might make of all this. They say that, on a cold dark night, you can hear the tramp of their feet. Presumably these ghostly sounds will have been swept away now by yesterday morning's activities!

Tim Pearcey of Harrogate with his RS 1800 passing the standing stone at Skip.

It was quickly back inside to a warm fire when it started sleeting! Great fun though. This was the last day of the rally. You can read all the reports here.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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