Thursday, December 08, 2011

Winter arrives

This was last Monday. The first snow of the winter.

The standing stone has an umbrella of a large beech tree.

The overwintering sheep may well have been puzzled by it all!

Three days later, and it's all change again. Rain, high winds. The foreground is the garden. In the background is the River Annan.

The 'flood plain' is now a real lake. Indeed, when I came in this afternooon water was beginning to cover the approaches to the Jocksthorn Bridge.

Here's an unusual view of Skip. The white blob in the background is the cottage, and in front of that is the north facing slope of the garden. In the foreground is a flooded field, complete with waves! Now if the cold weather was to return I would have my own local curling venue. Grand Match anyone?

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - never seen the Annan freeze completely, just a couple of feet out into it - darn cold to get like that!
    Thanks again for the wonderful photos!