Sunday, April 01, 2012

Butterfly days

What a beautiful week it has been!

Yellow is the predominant colour in the garden at the moment, as the daffodils hit their best. It will be a while though before the containers (at the back) get planted out. Still, some plugs have been planted on inside the porch, and bags of compost already purchased.

I inherited all these daffodils from a previous owner of Skip, and every spring I say 'thank you'!

This little double primula, a division from a friend, obviously likes where I've put it.

I even made a start in getting next winter's firewood cut and stacked!

These Ericas have a fine show at this time of year, and they were absolutely humming! I counted some twenty bumble bees on the clump.

As well as this butterfly. I'm no expert, but apparently, see here, the Peacock butterfly hibernates in winter and is one of the 'signs of spring' in the BBC Springwatch project. This one had me bouncing round the garden trying to get a good picture!

And this one, a Small Tortoiseshell. I had to keep reminding myself that is was only the last week in March.

I often take photos looking down the garden and across the Annan. One day last week, I wondered what it would look like the other way. So I decided to find out. This is the result.

The Jocksthorn Bridge is the main way into Wamphray Parish.

Built in 1908, as you can see.

And here's the view from near the bridge towards Skip, with a longish lens. And no, that's not my front lawn. See here how it looked on December 8, last year. Or indeed, on November 29, here.

Here's hoping for a good few summer months ahead! Lots of plans for things that need done outside, if it's fine, and indoors, if it's wet.

Photos © Skip Cottage.

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