Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for contemplation

This is Rhododendron 'Elizabeth', one of the shrubs I planted when I started on the garden nine years ago. It's the earliest of the rhoddies to bloom this year. Whenever I'm heading for Dundee or further north I try to stop at the Glendoick Garden Centre, not just for a break, but to add to my Rhododrendron collection. I'm having to think these days about the future, and how to make the garden less labour intensive, and more shrubs is one solution.

There's always so much to be done, especially at this time of year. A small section of wall had fallen down over the winter months, and that needed to be repaired. I've rebuilt most of the dykes around the garden over the years, and I was heartened that this was not a stretch that I had previously rebuilt!

I see some growth in the perennials in this bed, so a few buckets of compost were spread around after Saturday's rain, to keep the weeds down. That's another Rhododendron gone in with its back to the wall. It's been in a pot over the winter. I'll try and photograph this bed later in the year, to see how much growth there has been!

Each year I add some perennials to fill in gaps around the garden, then in the spring I wait in anticipation to see if they have come back, or if they have succumbed to the rabbits, mice, slugs, wet, or cold, or if my investment has just 'disappeared'? Finding the right plant for the right place is always a problem to be solved.

Every day, at this time of year, I set myself a task to do in the garden. Breaking what needs done down into little pieces allows for a feeling of accomplishment when the job is done, however small. Then there's the chance just to sit back, enjoying the surroundings, with a coffee, listening to the bird song ....

... and realising how much more needs to be done! Which is what makes gardening such a challenge, but one I enjoy now I have the time to do it. There's always more that has to be done, and a lot more that could be done! However, it was just lovely this morning, sitting beside the pond, looking up the garden, out of the wind, in the sun.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Bob - that's not a garden - it's an estate!