Wednesday, May 02, 2012

By the river

Today was really nice, no wind, blue skies, and even some warmth when in the sun. Just right to have a wander along the Annan river bank. This is looking upstream from near Skip towards the Jocksthorn Bridge.

No doubt the next time the river is in spate this piece of plastic will be washed downstream.

I'm not very good on my wild flowers. Perhaps someone can identify this one for me. I think it might be Cardamine pratensis (Cuckooflower)? It's soon to be engulfed by the surrounding nettles!

 I know this one though. My nose confirmed it - wild garlic!

This is almost at the Jocksthorn Bridge. Evidence here of an artificial bank on the right, presumably to control flooding in the past.

Looking downstream from the perfect spot to enjoy the late afternoon.

The evidence that it is a dynamic landscape and things are not always so quiet as today. I am pretty sure this tree wasn't here like this a couple of years ago!

Looking across the field to Wamphray Village Hall, my 'Polling Place' for tomorrow's Dumfries and Galloway Council election. Wamphray is in Annandale North Ward.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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