Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Garden Inspectors

Good friends Hugh and Christine Stewart have watched my efforts in transforming the garden at Skip over the ten years since I moved to Annandale. They used their season ticket for a visit yesterday, and we had a splendid day together.

I hope the garden passed inspection. What growth there has been in the past ten days! My Hosta collection is beginning to look good, with some now out front.

Others grow on in pots at the side door.

This Rhododendron was looking splendid yesterday. But the show will be over all too soon in this heat!

I'm hoping that we have seen the last frosts of the year, and three of the big containers have been planted up, mostly with plug plants that I bought early and grew on under cover.

And the Bishop's Children (see here), grown from seed, have been potted on a couple of times and are set to go into the ground at the beginning of June.

And here I am, courtesy of Hugh behind the lens, if only to prove that I am indeed alive and well and soldiering on after the demise of Skip Cottage Curling!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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