Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In need of inspiration

I've been clearing this area as the first step in making another 'room' at Skip. I was in need of some inspiration, so made a trip to the gardens at Glendoick last weekend.

The garden centre is well known for selling Rhododendrons, and its cafe of course, but it is great to see the plants at their best in the gardens at Glendoick. The house and estate have been in the Cox family since 1898, and the gardens began to be developed by Euan Cox in 1921. They are well worth a visit if you get the chance, especially at this time of year.

 Around every corner on the woodland walk was another fabulous sight.

 Red is my favourite colour in Rhododendrons. Isn't this spectacular!

The ruins of the old mill provide shelter for more tender species.

 Not just Rhododendrons but Himalayan poppies too.

It seems that around every corner there was more colour! If 'inspiration' was what I needed, my day out certainly delivered.

It is a small world, and I was thrilled to bump into a former Royal Infirmary colleague, Anne Chambers, who is a real plant enthusiast, here beside Rhododendron fortunei, named after Robert Fortune, a nineteenth century Scottish botanist and plant hunter.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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