Saturday, June 09, 2012

Business in Edinburgh

My curling friends will realise it was a bit strange for me today, heading for the Royal Caledonian Curling Club's AGM at the Murrayfield rink. With no Skip Cottage Curling to worry about, the camera was left at home, and there was no need to have my notebook and pencil to hand to record the 'news'. I was just another member, there to cast my vote, and support our governing body in its deliberations.

Actually, it was good to meet up with many others that I've got to know over the years. The meeting itself was all over in 75 minutes. Bill Duncan is now the Royal Club President.

Only one vote had to be counted today, and this saw Leslie Ingram-Brown as the odd one out of the four standing for three places on the RCCC Board of Directors.

Controversy? Only one thing. The Royal Club's review of lessons to be learned from the failure of the National Curling Academy project has now been published, see here, but had not been read by many of the members present today. So when Hugh Hunter Gordon asked under AOCB that a further (independent) review of the subject be made, concentrating particularly on the bid process that saw Kinross given the nod over Ratho back in October 2008, there was some headscratching on what to do. Significantly, the suggestion was not thrown out, and hence the NCA saga will remain on the table for the Royal Club's directors, with perhaps an addendum to the published review to be added in the future.

And that's enough from me!

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