Monday, September 10, 2012

Steam Sunday 1

The Olympics and Paralympics made for a brilliant summer of sport. I watched so much of it, and loved it all. What would I do when it was all over? Yesterday dawned bright and sunny. Too nice to sit indoors - anyway I was pretty confident that David Weir would do the business in the marathon, even without me cheering him on from my couch! (And he did.)

So here I was at Appleby station awaiting the arrival of the Railway Touring Company's Waverley steam excursion, from York to Carlisle over the Carlisle-Settle line. This is a water stop for the steam loco. One problem. The rebuilt water tower is on the other line!

This water tanker was on hand to provide a fill up! I discovered yesterday that the tanker follows the train to Carlisle to provide water for the loco there, although apparently the Appleby tower is used on the return trip.

It was Black 5 No 45305 at the front yesterday. An old friend, see here.

Run the hose from the tanker ...

... and plug it in here!

Time too, to top up the oil level.

And even have an ice cream from the shop operated by the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle line.

The whistle blows, and everyone heads back on board for the run up to Carlisle.

 On its way.

It looked like a full complement of passengers too! And I headed off to my second destination of the day (Part 2 coming up).

Photos © Skip Cottage 

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