Monday, September 17, 2012

Steam Sunday 2: Alston Revisited

I visited the South Tynedale Railway twice back in 2010, see here and here, and I promised myself then to return to take a trip along the narrow guage line. This I was able to do recently, on Steam Sunday, part one of which I described here.

No 6, Thomas Edmondson, is a 90 horse power, 0-4-0 tank locomotive, constructed to a standard World War I German Army design, built in 1918 by Henschel & Sohn, of Kassel, Germany. Read all about it here.

The line is pushing towards Slaggyford, and the current end destination is Lintley Halt, see here.

Lintley Halt opened just this season. The railway's coaching stock has a fascinating history, see here. For example, this buffet car spent its early life in Sierra Leone.

 Running round at Lintley.

I was interested to learn that the locomotive is named after the inventor of the railway ticketing system used for some 150 years, see here.

I'm being rounded up by the friendly guard, ready for the return trip.

The line passes through some lovely scenery of the South Tyne valley, seen here through the glass! The route follows part of the Alston branch of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway which ran from Haltwhistle to Alston, and closed in 1976.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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