Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa in Moffat

The skirl of the pipes brightened a cold and overcast Sunday afternoon in Moffat.

The pipes heralded Santa's arrival in the town!

All part of the Christmas Fayre.  It was certainly colourful, and there were lots of kids enjoying the rides.

On the way back to my car, I thought I was being 'chugged' when I encountered a charming lady with a large basket of ribbons outside of St Andrews Parish Church. Not so. No hard sell, rather "Would I like to attach a ribbon to the prayer tree in the church grounds?" I paused - just long enough to think of friends who are going through difficult times at the moment. So I selected a blue ribbon, attached it to the tree, and said a wee prayer for them. Then I enjoyed a very welcome coffee and mince pie in the church hall. Christmas Fayres notwithstanding, this was a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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