Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A winter's day in Annandale

Snow on the ground, and a blue sky, showed Wamphray at its best today! This is looking towards Blaze Hill. If you look closely you can even see the moon rising from behind the hill.

I've mentioned Blaze Hill (and the Tartan Army) before, see here.

Jim Storrar recently sent me some old photos of Wamphray. Thanks, Jim. This old postcard was one. Blaze Hill, as it is called on both old and new OS maps, was apparently known by some in the early twentieth century as The Bleeze Hill. One meaning of the Scots word 'bleeze' is 'bonfire'!

(Note to self, I must find out what the other six beacon hills of Annandale are.)

Apart from the trees, the area hasn't changed much in a hundred years, compare here and here.

Fortunately we haven't had the extensive snowfall experienced on the east of the country (touch wood). I maintain a website for a friend in the Yorkshire Dales, and Burtersett has had a good covering, see here. This is the 'Old Carlisle Road', which skirts Newton Wamphray, looking north towards Moffat.

 There's something about trees in winter!

This is a different view of Skip, taken from the east, with a long lens across the main West Coast Main Line, which is out of sight in the foreground. In other words, if you know where to look, this is the view you would see of Skip from the train!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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