Friday, January 25, 2013

More garden visitors

When I was watching the birds in the garden at Skip recently (here), I noticed that among the chaffinches there was something a bit different. I suspected it was a brambling (described on the RSPB website here), but did not get a decent photo. Today, as the snow was falling heavily in the afternoon, a group of six or so came to visit the feeders.

This gave me an opportunity to record the occasion. My photography efforts don't compare with those of the experts (see examples here), but then again I've taken these shots through a double glazed window!

One seemed to have mastered the peanut feeder and seemed happy to share it with this blue tit. The others in the group were feeding on the ground, and on the seed feeder tray.

It is a handsome wee bird, that's for sure. It overwinters in the UK, breeds in Scandinavia.

Today's caption competition!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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