Sunday, March 17, 2013

Forecast 'showers'

I do keep my eyes on the weather forecasts these days, especially if I plan to travel anywhere in my wee car. The Met Office website which I follow had this for today, "Mostly cloudy today with scattered showers, these falling as snow over hills and down to low levels at first this morning."

So when the snow began this morning I was a little surprised, the flakes being almost saucer sized. I figured that it wouldn't last, but changed my plans anyway. It's good being able to make the decision not to drive, when one doesn't have to.

An hour later, still snowing. This is what passes as a 'scattered shower' in Wamphray. I'm not sure I want to be here if the Met Office ever forecasts really bad weather!

It was just past noon when I took this photo, and by one o'clock there was more that 7 cm, or nearly 3 inches, of snow in the garden

You have to admit, it IS pretty!

This crow seemed to be playing in the snow. There are lots of crows locally, but they don't seem to come into the garden much. Perhaps they don't like crowds - I counted more than thirty birds around the feeders at the same time this morning.

PS I see the Met Office now has a yellow warning out for more snow later today and tomorrow. More? Batten down the hatches.

I guess it's all my fault. I contemplated taking the snow shovel out of the car yesterday evening, after I had tried to catch a photo of this weak rainbow. Annandale weather is nothing if not 'changeable'. Mind you, I feel for friends who are already at the lambing this month.

Pix © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - thanks for reminding me how beautiful Annadale is in the snow!
    It used to be a nightmare for us over the other side of the river trying to get up a track to the old A74 . . tattie sacks and much pushing, and even then . . .
    For all that, I wish I was there now - it looks lovely