Sunday, April 14, 2013

An April Storm

Skip caught quite a storm last night. There was rain, and a fair bit of wind. Enough certainly to flatten these clumps of daffodils!

This was the view from the bottom of the garden around noon. The river Annan, so low recently, see here, was well over its banks, flooding the bottom field.

 This is a field.

 These two seemed to be enjoying their new lake!

I suspect that it wasn't just rain than had swollen the river. The snowmelt from the fells upriver likely contributed. 

I just hope that I won't be seeing this sight too often this summer. Last year was bad enough. All my fault of course. I said yesterday that everything was very dry and the garden could do with a little rain. Careful what you wish for! I hear too that the storm has caused subsidence on the A708 between Moffat and Selkirk near the Grey Mare's Tail, and the road is closed to all traffic. There's an impressive photo of the problem, taken by Hayley Inglis, on DGWGO's Facebook page, see here.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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