Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Men at Work

The verge outside Skip has been looking really nice these past few days. The daffodils eventually bloomed, albeit somewhat later this year than last! I often wonder how many people drive past the cottage and don't notice the standing stone in the field opposite.

The garden too has a fair number of daffodils which seem to thrive and make a pleasant sight at this time of year.

I do like how some have 'escaped' over the wall!

I've been quite busy too, with the annual battle with the weeds. This was a much more enjoyable job,  moving, then replanting an alpine tub. I have a couple of these which started life as white ceramic sinks which I covered in a peat-cement mix some ten years ago. They've lasted well, and look the part!

Now you see it!

And now you don't. I had a visit from the contractors that ensure that the power lines are kept well clear of any trees that might grow towards them. And this Golden Leylandii was just getting too big, as were a few other trees in the garden that had to be trimmed.

The guys worked hard and the job was soon done. Skip doesn't see as much excitement as this very often!

Did I want the chippings? You bet!

This flowering currant is always a good sign that spring has arrived! Now, all we need is a long hot summer to make up for last year!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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