Sunday, July 28, 2013

July's Garden

It's amazing what a little bit of heat and sun can do. The garden has had a great summer so far. These surfinias in containers have just sparkled this month.

Usually I have to share what few strawberries that appear with the birds and the slugs. Not this year though. There's nothing quite as tasty as your own, picked and eaten straight away!

Roses used to be my favourite garden flower, but Skip is not the ideal place, being what I like to call an 'informal' garden. This Queen Elizabeth was here when I arrived, and always gives a good display!
I did plant a couple of climbers some years back. This is Rosa Schoolgirl.

And this is climbing Rosa Crimson Glory. Both these climbers have had their best year to date!

This is an unusual Sweet William which I grew from seed.

This border at the side of the house is dominated by a golden Sambucus: Sambucus racemosa ‘Sutherland Gold’. It's a spectacular plant.

Each year I always wonder whether the effort of planting out lots of containers is worthwhile. This year, with the long cold spring, there was a delay in getting started. But it has all worked out quite well, although during the really hot spell earlier this month, daily watering was beginning to be a bit of a chore!

My collection of Hostas has expanded now to more than a dozen. Here's three. They do well in containers. And non-stop begonias are so reliable!

This is the very first of my Bishop's Children to give a flower this year - on July 24. The packet of seeds has done well this year. Most are planted on in containers.

And lastly, having threatened (or should that be procrastinated) for a couple of years, I've eventually planted out a new shrub border. It will be interesting to see how this comes away.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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