Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Garden Review

When I was a little boy, growing up in Glasgow, I thought there were only two types of butterfly - the 'white one' whose caterpillars ate all the cabbage leaves (the Large White, see here) and the Red Admiral, which always seemed much more exotic. I was pottering in the garden this morning when I noticed this Red Admiral paying Skip a visit, and resting on this tree heather. It obligingly waited while I went to find my camera!

But it's been a great summer. Slow to get started, but - compared with last year - it has been a delight to have the garden as one of my hobbies! Here are a few photos from August. Mind you, there are berries on the Rowan tree already, so autumn cannot be far off!

Firstly though, the Bishop's Children have done well, both in containers and in the ground! What a difference from last year.

I actually didn't plant any nasturtiums this year. These have self seeded, from last year, behind a container, keeping these old curling stones happy!

I don't have many Clematis at Skip, but this one is a lovely colour. Now, if only I had kept a record of its name!

This is C. tangutica 'Bill MacKenzie'.

This white Potentilla always gives a good show.

Yellow is still my favourite colour in the garden.

Despite the duckweed, the waterlilies have tried hard this summer.

A right jungle of Astilbe and Crocosmia.

This Inula is impressive every summer, and it was one of the first plants I was given by a friend for the garden of my new home!

Would you believe that this variegated Cotoneaster, crawling all over the retaining wall, is just the one plant! It obviously likes its situation. Which is all luck, rather than planning on my part.

The colour combination of this Solidago and the Sambucus seems to work.

Fuchsia 'Dollar Princess' overwintered OK, and has grown on well in its container for another season.

Fuchsia 'Hawkshead' was a gift this spring. I love the little white flowers. It's supposed to be hardy, so we'll see how it likes Annandale winters!

The new shrub border is just awaiting some spring bulbs, and we'll see how it goes on. It will no doubt put on some growth next year.

This is the other thing that happened in August. Bits were falling off the old brick chimney, so it was a call to a local builder who has rebuilt it completely. Great job he's done too, and he has also done some necessary repointing on the gable wall ... pictures to follow when I get it repainted!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful Bob.
    It never ceases to amaze me what a beneficial micro-climate bits of Annandale has. My Dad used to grow all sorts of strange cuttings he'd liberated from Kew and they (mostly) took pretty well.
    Good luck with the painting . . it is quite a task . . but necessary!