Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Tour in London

It's not difficult to guess where I was today!

It's bright and early on a Sunday morning, albeit a bit grey!

This is the final round of the Johnsons Health Tech Grand Prix Series. The Westminster Grand Prix involved more than an hour of racing round a short course, starting and finishing on Whitehall.

There was a good number of spectators to watch the women, although easier to find interesting places to photograph the action, than it was to be for the men's Tour of Britain stage later in the day.

Tough women! I was pleased to read that in May next year there is to be a Women's Tour of Britain.

Hannah Barnes, the leader in the Grand Prix standings, leads this group.

Natalie Creswick on the front in this pic.

Three of London's finest watch the action.

The breakaway pair (Lydia Boylan and Nicola Juniper - hopefully I've got the names right) were brought back into the bunch, and Hannah Barnes won the sprint finish - or so I found out later!

Big queues for the London Eye...

... but not for me. I happened to notice this old Routemaster (number 324), and hopped on to have a wallow in nostalgia as we struggled through the traffic. There are some ten of these still in service, five of which operate on the Number 15 route. It was great to be able to chat to a conductor. Yet I was still able to use my Oyster card on his hand held machine!

London is such a contrast between the new...

... and the old!

Back to the cycling and Stage 8 of the Tour of Britain. I watched a couple of laps at the Tower end of the course.

Then I jumped onto the Tube to Embankment to see the Sky Train, with Sir Bradley Wiggins, in the gold tour leader's jersey, being well looked after by his team.

This rather fine monument is the Royal Tank Regiment Memorial Statue, on the corner of Whitehall Court and Whitehall Place with the cyclists passing right in front. The statue depicts the crew of a World War 2 Comet tank.

There were huge numbers of fans out on the course.

Seeing the riders pass live, makes one realise just how fast they are going!

Here's Mark Cavendish, as the race is all back together, with one lap to go.

Mark Cavendish Fan Club near the finish line.

I made sure I was near the finish line on the last lap, to be able to hear the commentary and at least watch the action on the big screen, even if I couldn't see the road! But it was great to experience the excitement of the thousands shouting for Cav on the sprint finish - and then see how it all actually happened back at my hotel later on ITV4.

Photos © Skip Cottage 

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