Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn is approaching

October 13, and Wamphray has yet to experience its first frost. The trees though are not waiting, and the leaves are beginning to fall. Autumn is definitely here!

Non-stop begonias have lived up to their name this year. These provide the first marker of the approaching winter. A touch of frost... and they're gone.

This variegated Cotoneaster, with its red berries, also heralds the onset of autumn.

This little aster is flowering away!

Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy'. There was so little growth on this at the end of May, given how cold a spring we had, that I didn't give it its usual 'Chelsea chop'. Hence, after the splendid summer, it's now flopping all over the place! It's still attracting the insects though.

Some of the blooms on my Bishop's Children, grown from seed, have been quite spectacular.

Clematis tangutica 'Bill Mackenzie' with its fluffy seed heads.

This is the largest perennial in the garden at Skip - Eupatorium purpureum.

This little Veronica is a wee delight.

Cotoneaster horizontalis looks good against this white wall.

I've not had much success with Gentians in the past, but this one (whose name I've already misplaced) seems to be settling in in the small space I have for alpines.

Unfashionable they may be, but I will always find place at Skip for a few heathers. This is Calluna Vulgaris 'Kinlochruel'.

So, I wonder if this winter will be mild, or cold? Nothing is surer though, it's coming!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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