Wednesday, November 06, 2013

First Frost

As November rolled around, it was great to see the colour develop on the trees around Wamphray.

In the garden, this Acer is always a surprise. This was a couple of weeks ago, as the colour just started to appear.

It's late this year, but it's now happened. Looking out to see the frost covered fields, under a blue sky!

Frost covered foliage - autumn is definitely here!

Meanwhile the Acer has exploded with colour. Different every year. See how it looked last year (here), and four years ago (here).

One day, the non-stop begonias are not stopping ...

... the next day, after the first frost, they're gone! Sad.

Nature's bounty. I'm already collecting the leaves to make leaf mold for the garden - it's a great soil conditioner - and there's lots more to come!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Lovely stuff Bob - it's beautiful to see Annandale under those wonderful clear skies with a heavy frost. Hope the Winter doesn't get too terrible though . . . . .