Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Road to Skip

It was one of the most exciting things to happen at Skip in years. I had no vehicle access for a couple of days. The result is - there's a new road past the cottage!

The council team got a couple of dry days for the job. OK, so it was somewhat overdue. If there was a national prize for the biggest potholes, then the road south from Wamphray hall would have been a contender!

It will, hopefully, be a long time before this sight is seen outside Skip again. What a lovely job. So smooth! I understand now why tarmac curling rinks became popular in the early years of the twentieth century. The thought did come into my head that I could sprinkle some water outside on the cold days that are sure to come in the next couple of months, and try out some of my outdoor stones! Where can I borrow some 'Road Closed' signs?

I picked a nice day to go on an 'inspection tour' of the new road!

Now, I wonder what this strange sign 'painted' on the verge signifies?

It was a lovely day to walk a little further. Even Murder Loch looked benign!

Lots of funghi around. But these did not look appetising!

I've photographed my favourite tree many times in different seasons. This beech is clinging on to its leaves so far this autumn.

Lots of fruit on the hawthorn in the hedges this year!

Days like this make me realise how wonderful it is to live in Annandale.

There may have been blue skies, but in the shade there was still the odd patch of ice.

As the clouds started to build, it was time to call it a day!

Photos © Skip Cottage


  1. Thanks Bob. As always I enjoyed your photos but I enjoyed your comment about good black ice even more!

  2. You're a lucky man Bob - Annandale looks wonderful - thank you once again for the great photos of my favourite bit of the world.