Monday, December 30, 2013

The Island of Wamphray

The River Annan was well over its banks at Wamphray today. The river is/should be on the left, behind the trees.

Here's the view north. That is/should be a field in front! It was still raining when I took the photo. Keeping the camera dry was almost impossible. And a cold wind too. Not a day for walking!

Which is the garden pond?

Fortunately Skip sits on a little knoll above the fields which flood. Bottom of the garden is on the right.

It was my intention to get up early this morning and do some shopping before the New Year holiday. But when the alarm went off, I turned over and went back to sleep - the joys of retirement. Probably just as well, as if I had got out, I may not have got home! The rain just got worse all morning. The radio reported that the A701 was blocked at Moffat, and the wee road that comes into Wamphray over the Jocksthorn Bridge looked like this at midday.

This is/should be the adjacent field! Dinghy sailing holidays in Wamphray a possiblity?

I met a couple of drivers trying to get out and up to the service road in their cars, and both decided - good decision to my mind - that this was not worth the risk.

I hesitate to think how those I know with homes downriver have fared. Not a happy thought at the end of the year.

UPDATE 3.30pm

The water is now in the garden, fortunately down at the bottom!

 The Council has been along to dissuade anyone from trying to get across.

The good news - if you look at the 'tide mark' closely - is that the water level has receded a little.

And the rain has stopped. Please, no more. Still, walking back home, I was passed by a car with a large canoe on its roof! Is this the future for being prepared for winter driving? Never mind the snow shovel and the blankets, just pack a boat.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - hope the water has receded and that today's rain doesn't affect you.
    I know we've never met, but I do remember the Annandale floods of the late '70's, so I know what it is like. It's amazing that a river you can wade across in the summer turns into a such a raging beast.
    Take care and stay dry.