Saturday, December 21, 2013

The shortest day of the year

There have been a number of interesting morning skies this month. A lot of rain too. Today is December 21, the shortest day of the year. Twenty-five years ago today 270 people died in the Lockerbie air disaster. I was living in Kilbarchan back then, and I remember vividly hearing the news in the evening. I knew many people living in the town at that time, so it was all very worrying. Now I stay near Lockerbie, and I've very proud to know some of those whose lives were decisively changed that night, and in the days that followed.

I looked in on Lockerbie Ice Rink today to see a little of the under-21 curling competition that's taking place this weekend. The rink, of course, played a part twenty-five years ago, serving as a temporary morgue in the aftermath of the disaster. It's always encouraging to see young people enjoying this great sport, but it struck me that all on the ice were not even born in 1988. Twenty-five years ago is like yesterday to me, as it is I'm sure to all of those who lost loved ones, or who were touched by the disaster in other ways. I'll be having my own minute's silence this evening and thinking of them.

I have to report that the giant which fell on December 5 is gradually disappearing, no doubt to keep people warm next winter.

It's been mild (so far) this winter. I note that these daffodils are already thinking the time has come to show face, and are just peaking through the leaf litter. There may well still be many cold days to come, but from now the days will get longer. Roll on springtime!

Season's Greetings to everyone!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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