Friday, January 24, 2014

The Changing Seasons

The first snowdrops at Skip suggest that winter will soon be over. There may well be cold weather still to come, but every day that passes is a day nearer springtime!

Yesterday, the sunshine between the showers tempted me out with the camera. You have to look closely but yes, that is snow on the tops of the hills in the distance.

The gorse is in flower on this verge.

Fellow walkers on the road near Pumplaburn Farm.

This is the Wamphray Water taken from the bridge at the bottom of Wamphray Glen.

Thankfully, Wamphray has remained clear of wind turbines, so far. This photo is looking west from near the old school, across the Annan, and the motorway, and the Harestanes windfarm is just in view.

It's been a good year for the mosses!

I thought I should record this sight before it disappears into history. It's a First Transpennine Class 185 DMU heading south. By later in the year, the Glasgow and Edinburgh services to Manchester Airport over the West Coast Main Line will be operated by new electrical powered multiple units - four car Class 350s. There's one already being used for staff training, and I've found myself on it between Lockerbie and Carlisle a couple of times. I'm hopeful this will be a great improvement, especially if the new timetable has the promised increased frequency of trains stopping at Lockerbie. Here's a photo of the new trains.

I continue to keep track of my garden visitors. To add to the previous list (see here), I managed to catch this little fellow with my camera last week as he was investigating the side of an alpine trough.

It's a treecreeper, see here.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Great stuff Bob - lovely to see Annandale in sunshine . . very jealous (as usual).
    Have you ever climbed Hart Fell? Well worth it - the view is quite something.