Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Here Come the Daffs

I just love the way that spring quietly creeps along. Earlier this month, as the snowdrops went over, these crocuses brought a smile.

I remember clearly when I moved to Skip in the winter of 2002-03 that a lot of work lay ahead in the garden! I didn't know there were lots of bulbs waiting to come up. That was a wonderful surprise. In the first few years in the garden it was an encouragement every March to get on with the 'ten year plan'. I now look forward every year to the coming of the daffodils as they bring back happy memories of my first years in Annandale.

Actually, the first splash of yellow this year was not in the garden itself. The clump above are escapees into an ajoining field!  

In the garden itself, these were the first to flower this year.

These 'Tete-a-tete' are looking good in a container. Always reliable.

I planted a few bulbs in my new shrubbery too, and elsewhere in the garden. Narcissus 'Jetfire' from Taylors, bought as a pack of 30 bulbs for £5.99, with 'XL Value' on the packaging. And I think they have lived up to that. And hopefully these will bulk up and do well in the years to come.

I planted some other types too for next month. More pics to follow, hopefully.

With the usual optimism, seeds are going in and plugs are growing on. What sort of summer lies ahead, I wonder?

Photos © Skip Cottage

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