Saturday, March 01, 2014

Into the garden

Last week didn't start too promisingly, with the Annan over its banks again.

However, by Thursday and Friday, with a welcome change in the weather, it was great to be able to get into the garden again, and see the first signs of growth. Yellow is definitely my favourite colour. No daffs yet, but these crocuses are looking good.

The snowdrops have given a good show this year, and are now just going over.

I was surprised to find this little Pulmonaria seedling in flower next to the pond. The main clump is aways behind.

I had a go with some miniature iris in containers over winter. And these provided the first hints of colour in the garden last month.

It will be interesting to see how the various shrubs that were planted last autumn in this space come away this year.

The spring clear up has begun. The compost heap is being emptied, and the contents spread around. Note to self - don't dump all the ash from the incinerator onto the compost heap this year!

And the seed compost has been purchased, and the first seeds are now in their trays. Fingers crossed that spring comes quickly this year, unlike last.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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