Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring garden update

The daffodils, on both sides of the wall, have taken a bit of a battering with all the recent rain.

The show in the garden is outclassed by those growing on the roadside opposite the cottage!

I'm not a fan of these doubles.

These with white petals have been at Skip longer than I have! Don't have a name for them.

This is Falconet.

Forsythia was one of the first shrubs I ever learned about. It may be somewhat out of fashion these days, but this old example will always have a special place in the garden.

This unobtrusive little double primrose makes me smile.

My favourite, 'Glory of the Snow'. This little cluster of Chionodoxa has filled out, and looks to be happy in this spot in the garden.

Last autumn a box of these Chionodoxa Forbesii found its way into my trolley at that well known garden centre - a Tesco supermarket! They've done well. I tried some in a container, and was interested to see the colour variation. These will go into the ground somewhere after they go over.

I always look forward to this Clematis Broughton Star giving a good display in June, see here. But the weight of it and the wind this winter has given the supporting trellis a problem. This will need to be cut down completely this year after it's flowered, if I can keep it upright until then.

It started off with just one Hosta that had survived in the neglected garden. I've been expanding my collection each year, keeping them mostly in containers for shady spots around the house. The job at this time of year is to freshen the compost, and divide if necessary.

I bought a drumstick primula in a pot last year. I realised that it had a number of offshoots and could be divided, and now these Primula denticulata var. Alba are coming up all over the garden!

It is always fun to see visitors checking out the garden!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Great to see the garden coming along Bob . . . we're about a couple of weeks behind you up here in the North East.
    Nice to see a pheasant too . . my Aunt at one time lived up at Rose Cottage (near Riggheads Farm on the Lochwood Road) and had a cat called Coco, who would regularly bring her home presents of pheasants . . he was a very handy cat.
    Take care