Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weeds

One has to admire the tenacity of weeds. This dandelion has survived my hand weeding and weedkiller application over the little piece of ground that I use for sitting on and admiring my efforts in the long hot days of summer.

I wish!

Still, at this time of year I do spend a fair bit of time weeding, on the principle that if you get on top of this job early, it pays dividends later.

It hasn't been too cold this month (touch wood), and I've already planted out some of my containers with plants grown on from plugs. Needless to say, the fleece is ready and waiting should a frost be forecast.

It's a few years ago when I bought a selection of hedge plants, as small plugs, to try to get a wild hedge established, and protect one area of the garden from north winds. Hasn't it done well!

Other parts of the garden look well established. 'Elizabeth' always gives a good show, albeit for a short time.

Rhododendron Cunningham's White just coming into flower.

Somewhat subdued by comparison to the Rhoddies, this quince has been flowering for months.

Dicentra spectabilis always makes me smile at this time of year.

Alpine time again.

Lithospermum 'Heavenly Blue' used to be my favourite alpine. It's name changed to Lithodora diffusa 'Heavenly Blue'. I made the mistake of buying the variety Lithodora 'Blue Star' last year, and although it seems to be establishing itself OK (above), I wish I had stuck to 'Heavenly Blue'!

This year's Bishop's Children are already hardening off outside. Grown again from seed. So easy and reliable. Actually, the mild a winter we've had, some of the plants I had in containers last year have started to regrow. Now, if only I had identified the ones with good colour that I wanted to keep.

The newly planted shrub border has overwintered OK.

See where we were in the garden at this time last year, here. Or go back a couple of years to May 2012, here, and here. Or even to 2009 when I first began blogging - this post even has a photo of what the garden was like when I took it over in 2003! The years go by.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Lovely to see your garden doing so well Bob - it's a challenge isn't it!