Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I had to be in Carlisle this morning by the back of eight o'clock, and with the car left at the dealership for its annual MOT test, I resolved to do some exploring. Hard to believe I'm in the centre of a city. This is where the River Caldew meets the Eden.

I found myself walking along the banks of the River Eden, on the line of the Hadrian's Wall long distance path, which crosses the country, see here.

I was excited to find that the Way goes under the old Eden Viaduct which carries the West Coast Main Line from the north into Carlisle - my usual mode of transport into the centre of Carlisle. I'd not seen it from this angle before!

Indeed, Carlisle's Citadel Station was my destination by lunch time. And it was a colourful scene today!

It's World Cup time of course, and the murals were all very jolly! A touch of Rio welcoming visitors to Carlise, see here.

My reason for being at the station was to see what was pulling the Fellsman today. This regular mid week steam charter (here) is a sellout all summer.

Galatea was looking splendid. Its history is here.

Ready to park the coaches, as a First Transpennine Express service to Manchester Airport arrives on the left.

Here Galatea and support coach head back through the station to turn round using the Upperby triangle. This was my signal to get back to pick up the car and head home. Too much excitement in any one day is not a good thing!

With a clean bill of health, my wee Mazda 2 seemed almost to be smiling when we got back to Skip. Four years old already!

The hostas in the containers reminded me that I haven't talked much about the garden recently. It's not been neglected!

The growth recently is best described as 'lush'. I don't actually remember planting these poppies in this bed though!

This Sambucus racemosa 'Plumosa Aurea' is a real star! It was 'rescued' from a sale table at a garden centre in a pretty sorry state in a tiny pot. It repays me every year.

These Livingstone Daisies only open up in full sun. Some summers it hardly seems worth planting any. They make me smile though, so last weekend I bought a tray. Hopefully this won't be the first time that they will see the sun this year!

The two big containers are coming on well. Here's one. The surfinias always do well, with the geraniums still some ways to go.

I've had the use of a friend's greenhouse this year. Mostly tomato plants, although I ate the first of my courgettes, from plants grown from seed, the other evening. Is it all worth the effort? Time will tell.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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