Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A New Anorak

Last Saturday I discovered that Birkenhead has a really splendid war memorial! It is always moving to read the names, especially in this anniversary year of the beginning of WW1.

But appreciating war memorials was not the objective for the day. That was to visit the Wirral Transport Museum, and particularly to ride a tram!

But the best laid plans ... You can probably imagine my disappointment to find that the tram service from Woodside ferry pier to the Wirral museum was not operating due to an electrical problem.

Mind you, the replacement bus was special, a Bristol RELL-3 dating from 1968. But if I'm going to get excited about old buses, I'll need to get a new anorak!

The museum does have a number of trams on view, in various stages of restoration. This Wallasey tram dates from 1920 and is operational.

This would have been one of those I could have ridden on. Birkenhead (Hong Kong) 70, and its companion No 69, were built specifically for the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway by Hong Kong Tramways in 1992. They both operated in Blackpool before arriving on the Wirral and are the mainstay of the operating fleet.

As it turned out, this tram, running on the museum's model railway exhibit, was the only one I saw moving on Saturday.

The museum is well worth a visit though, with friendly volunteers. This exhibit made me smile!

This Leyland Titan PD2 was my transport back to the railway station. Read about its history here.

I enjoyed the ride. Now, what colour should my new anorak be?

Photos © Skip Cottage

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