Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A touch of steam

Here are a few pics which show how I had my steam 'fix' this month.

48151 was a London Midland and Scottish Railway 8F class 2-8-0, used to haul heavy freight. It was built at Crewe in 1942, and these days it is one of the West Coast Railways' stable of locomotives certified to run on the mainline.  It was pulling Statesman Rail's 'Fellsman' service when I saw it at Carlisle earlier this month.

I made a return visit to the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway this month. Despite what it may look like, 42073 was not in steam, but was welcoming everyone arriving by car. Read all about it here.

The smoke was coming from No 3698 Hunslett 'Repulse', getting ready for a working day. It was built in Leeds in 1950. Read about it here.

Also fired up on the day of my visit was No 2682, 0-6-0ST Bagnall class, built in 1942 in Stafford, and called 'Princess'.

I did take a run along the short heritage line to Lakeside station behind 'Princess'. Very enjoyable.

Here 'Princess' runs around at Lakeside. Now, what has this locomotive to do with bananas? Find the answer here!

Back at Carlisle, The Sherwood Forrester was at the head of the penultimate 'Fellsman' tour of the season. It is a popular excursion, with every one of the tours fully booked this summer.

45231 is an old favourite, see here. It's an LMS Stanier Class 5. The 4-6-0 was built by Armstrong-Whitworth in Newcastle in 1936. Read about its life here. Above, it is off, with its support coach, to reverse direction using the Upperby triangle near Carlisle station.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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