Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Garden in August

The garden is looking lush this month. It has been a good summer!

 With a little heat, and plenty water, it's great to see things grow.

Getting down to the bottom of the garden is becoming quite an adventure!

What was once an open, airy area of the garden is becoming quite shaded at this time of year.

In the sun though, a small investment in a packet of Nasturtium seeds has provided a colourful dividend.
The leaves of this Rogersia have more colour this year than I remember in the past.

Clematis tangutica is just beginning to flower.

I planted this Clematis jackmanii a few years ago to have it scramble through a quince in the border just outside the conservatory. It's not done very well ... until this year. I've been watching it this month, making a break for freedom, climbing up one of the bird feeders!

And here's one of the flowers. Simple, but effective!

The promised maintenance on the trellis, brought down by an overgrown Clematis Broughton Star, see here, has now been carried out and a replacement planted - Clematis Montana grandiflora. I've taken some cuttings of Broughton Star, and hopefully these will prosper. It was one of the first things I planted when I began improving Skip's garden, and I would like to keep the memory. Watch this space!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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