Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Annandale in Late Summer

It has been a lovely month, or rather make that, a lovely summer. The sun was shining this afternoon again, so, leaving the garden and other jobs well behind, I set out on a wee walk.

I didn't even need to get into the car, as this is my favourite local walk. Turn right out of Skip, walk down past the Bield, cross the railway at the bridge, and I'm on to what would have been the old road up to Langside. And today was just a perfect day!

It cannot be called autumn yet, but just look at the berries on this hawthorn!

This tree has seen some battles.

Think of the work that must have gone in to clearing this field of all these boulders.

It's a pleasant walk, dry underfoot this month, with the only obstacle, the Clatter Burn, now well bridged.

Looking towards the 'house on the hill'. This is Langside, which, when I say the name, always reminds me of happy times living in Battlefield, on the southside of Glasgow, which was so-called after the Battle of Langside in 1568, see here. As far as I am aware, this Langside has a much more peaceable history.

Nearing Langside, and looking north. Did I say it was a lovely day?

The path skirts Langside and just recently these signs have appeared. There's something about the 'Core Paths' project here.  Indeed if you follow the signs to Kirkhill, you will join the star attraction of the area, at Wamphray Glen.

 So, heading north again, and towards home.

Part of me says, "How sad." The other part of me says, "Firewood!"

The tree in the distance is something of a shrine for me. It's on a shorter walk, 'round the block' as it were, and I've photographed it many times.

If I have a favourite tree, then this is it - an old beech which stands alone on the side of a back road. Soon, the leaves will change colour, and fall, as the seasons march on.

I thought that perhaps the leaves had begun to drop already, but this is beech mast lying on the road. The chaffinches love it.

Just look at these rose hips! I am sure I caught on the radio that Debbie Harry was drinking rose hip tea with honey when Blondie performed at the recent concert in Hyde Park. The benefits are here.

(See 'Atomic', live in Hyde Park 2014, here, and performed at the Glasgow Apollo in 1979, here. Now, where have these thirty-five years gone?)

All safely gathered in!

Continuing in nature study mode, just look at this fungus growing at the base of a beech tree that was blown down last winter.

And that's me nearing home. I am SO lucky to live here in Annandale ... especially on days like today.

Photos © Skip Cottage


  1. You're lucky to live there in any weather Bob - it has a season for every mood.
    Once again thank you for an excellent pictorial walk on paths I didn't know existed!