Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumn adventures

I planted this Acer not long after I moved to Skip. Twelve years on, just look at it!

After all the rain earlier this week, I went out to see what the River Annan was doing. Here it is under the Jocksthorn Bridge.

The river wasn't keeping within its banks on Tuesday afternoon. Mind you, it had a long way to go to match last December 30, see here.

But it was well over in places, as you can see. Now, there's a story, or two, about Wamphray's bath tub.

Some think this is just an old tub that is in the field to provide a source of water for the cows. Not so. The story goes (1) that it is a left over from a failed attempt to navigate the Annan from Moffat to the Solway in an interesting way, or (2) it was where visitors to Wamphray were required to wash their feet before visiting!

I'm not sure I believe either of these stories, but it does seem to have magic qualities. Note that although the water is high around it, the level in the bath itself is quite low. So, if you want to visit Wamphray's mysterious bath, just stop at the Jocksthorn Bridge. There's no charge!

Moving on, this is the Wamphray Water, at the point where it goes under the West Coast Main Line.

The river is squeezed coming through under the railway and was really quite impressive on Tuesday.

In my pre-blogging days in 2005, this bridge got jammed up with debris brought down by the river. The resulting build up of water in a particularly wet spell eventually found an outlet, and flooded many of the houses in the village, and the village hall, with hardly any warning. Bad memories for many.

And going down in size, I didn't realise that this little burn which usually is somewhat insignificant beside the road leading to Pumplaburn Farm, is called the 'Pumpley Burn'.

 The sun came out briefly after the storm.

No, its not upside down ... just the reflection in the field. The water didn't last long though. By today, most of it was away.

Autumn sunset! Good enough for the Cloudporn group, I wonder?

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - thank you once again for a fantastic post!
    You know, when the M74 was widened and Orchard was nearly all steamrollered, our cottage survived and I went and visited it. It was in a terrible state having been robbed of everything (roof tiles, pipes, cable, everything!) . . .I wonder if our bath was too much to take . . I wonder . .
    You can read about the whole sorry thing here if you have a moment:

    Thanks once again for an excellent post.